My endless posts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter promoting the sci-fi/fantasy convention I’m working on, Convolution, may be annoying to the people who see those posts in their personal feeds. I’m addressing that here, and invite people to ask me questions or express their opinions in those social media settings. If you’re only familiar with me here and would like to contribute, please do so.

Yes, I’m an investor in Consanity Inc., the legally “for-profit” corporation that funds Convolution. The pure, unadulterated truth of the matter, however, is that I have literally zero concern about any personal financial return on that investment. My entire motivation for making this convention happen is born of my love for the fannish community.

Fans are legion. We are everywhere. Yet even with the increasingly mainstream consumption of films and television shows based on sources we enjoy and champion, “sci-fi fans” still too often find ourselves marginalized, ostracized and stereotype. I.e., those of us wearing green body paint or eyepatches while standing in line for “The Avengers” still get pointed and laughed at by people who wear silver & black body paint or eyepatches to a Raiders game.

For me, Convolution is an opportunity to reach out even further than fandom already has. It’s a chance to bring together the countless people I’ve spoken with who still have no idea that there are others very much like them, who enjoy the same imaginative speculation, serious supposition and inventive silliness that they do — and that there are places they can go to meet, talk, laugh and *create* with those people. Even more, that many professional creators often enjoy meeting, conversing and sharing the methodology of their crafts with fans.

Ultimately, I think it’s going to take more cooperation and less competition within the community. Conventions should be striving to compliment each others’ activities rather than replace or duplicate them. There’s just as much room in genre fandom for a gigantic 3-hour queue into a media presentation as there is for an intimate 3-person discussion about media saturation. A lot of our speculative stories may be dystopian, but my personal vision for fandom, anyway, is much more utopian.

And those Raiders game attendees? They’re invited too, because they’re probably fans of some form of genre fiction without even recognizing it.

All of that being said, and despite my own lack of concern for personal profit, such an effort still requires attendees to make it as kick-ass for you as we’d like. So this is my long-winded way of saying our pre-registration prices for attending memberships increase tomorrow.

If you’re thinking of coming to the con, sign up now while it’s only $50 for the full weekend. If you’re not … well … I hope you don’t get too much more annoyed with me, because I’m still going to be posting stuff.

Register here for Convolution: The Next Step, taking place the first weekend of November 2012!