1. The very fact that this same character could traverse all these decades and be as important to children now as she was to me when I was a kid, I think speaks volumes about how extraordinary she was. She will be remembered forever by my generation, by the current generation,  and I’m sure by generations to come.”  - David Tennant 

  2. karaokegal:

    Just watched this one last week.

  3. doctorwho:

    Don’t forget me.


  4. thetardis:

    “Have you met Miss Smith? She’s my best friend.”

    And then suddenly creys.

    …my Sarah Jane….

  5. Epic. Fucking. Win.

    Epic. Fucking. Win.

  6. doctorwho:

    My Sarah Jane.

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I’ve got a new Tumblr to follow.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand I’ve got a new Tumblr to follow.

  8. whererainfalls:




    They are all perfect. Stop the companion hate

    Follow (doctor-who-companion) for more photosets like that

    So nice to see a companion photoset that includes Mickey.


    love all of them :’)

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