1. Missing Q

  2. zeggy:

    Okay, yesterday there were labels over the icons at the top when you hovered on them, except for the Missing E one. Today, Missing E updated to have a hover label, but none of the others have them anymore.

    Admit it, you’re just trying to screw with Missing E, aren’t you, Tumblr?

    • missing e users: ha
    • missing e users: hahahahaha
  3. sprackraptor:



    I legitimately do not know how anyone uses Tumblr without Missing E.

    It takes a lot of skill and finesse 

    I used to. And then I got Missing E and IT REALLY IS ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS. And the chips are really tasty, too.

  4. missing-e:

    ~ Your Freedom To Use Your Browser Is Under Attack ~

    Tumblr’s Terms of Service hasn’t changed yet. So please read and help out!

    The Tumblr staff recently requested feedback on updates they will be making to their policies. They specifically mention one of their goals is to prevent the promotion of self-harm. However, their updated Terms of Service includes something a lot less laudable.

    Unable to find the required avenues to stop developers from creating and distributing browser extensions that enhance the way you use Tumblr and not getting enough of a response to their scary warning campaign, they now seem to be preparing the groundwork for coming after users of these extensions.

    ~ Who, you? Yes, apparently. ~

    Tumblr had been previously unable to prevent all development of these extensions, scripts and add-ons because they function within your web browser, allowing you to direct these extensions to use your browser to automatically perform tasks for you on Tumblr (like quickly reblogging from the dashboard, uploading images to posts, adding control buttons to your sidebar or hiding content you don’t want to see). The extensions, themselves, do not interact directly with Tumblr, only help your web browser to do it for you!

    With the upcoming changes to the Terms of Service, Tumblr will soon be able to punish someone: you.

    ~ How is it wrong to use something to help me enjoy Tumblr more? ~

    The important part of the new Terms of Service is under the section titled Limitations on Automated Use:

    You may not do any of the following while accessing or using the Services: … (c) access or search or attempt to access or search the Services by any means (automated or otherwise) other than through our currently available, published interfaces that are provided by Tumblr… (d) scrape the Services, and particularly scape (sic) Content (as defined below) from the Services, without Tumblr’s express prior written consent

    These limitations will make using almost any browser extension, add-on or script for Tumblr (and even some not specifically intended for Tumblr) against the rules!

    Do you use Missing e, XKit, Tumblr Savior or any Greasemonkey script for Tumblr? Well, pretty soon, that will mean you will be in violation of Tumblr’s Terms of Service. That would be grounds for terminating your account!

    ~ What’s the Big Deal? ~

    Extensions, add-ons and scripts like Missing e, XKit and Tumblr Savior help you get better use of Tumblr. They might mean that you decide against leaving Tumblr, or that you come back to it. They make it easier to spend more time on Tumblr than you might have normally and become a more involved member of this community. These are the kind of things a company like Tumblr should want, but is instead fighting against.

    This most recent step effectively means that Tumblr apparently wants to reach into your web browser and tell you exactly how you are to use it to interact with their website. Their way, and NO OTHER WAY.

    ~ So, What Can We Do? ~

    Tumblr’s new Terms of Service policy has not yet been put into effect. They are still looking for feedback. My suggestions is that we give them feedback.

    Contact Tumblr (policy@tumblr.com) and let them know that this decision will alienate the userbase they work so hard to grow. Let them know that a browser extension (be it any of them) brought you back to Tumblr, or convinced you to stay, or kept you on this site longer. Tell them that your Tumblr is better off with a Savior, a Kit of the ‘X’ variety or that Missing e!

    ABOVE ALL, BE POLITE. The best way to present your case is with clearheaded statements that show Tumblr that these tools make you want to use their product more!

  5. kovaniy:

    theory: Tumblr’s showing the missing e warning to EVERYONE

    because everyone on Tumblr uses it

    • tumblr: we highly recommend that you uninstall missing e because it could potentially cause serious damage to-
    • me: gonna keep using it lol
    • tumblr: yes but it could compromise your-
    • me: gonna
    • tumblr: -privacy and-
    • me: keep
    • tumblr: -seriously harm-
    • me: using
    • tumblr: -the entire tumblr-
    • me: it
    • tumlbr: -system
    • me: lol
  6. Tumblr’s Support Problem with ‘Missing e’


    As many users have observed, Tumblr has recently given users a choice to uninstall Missing e or revoke support for your account.

    The reasons they give for suggesting that you uninstall Missing e are the worst-case scenario for installing browser extensions or browser modifications of any kind. However, Missing e is not a source of these kinds of problems.

    At worst, Missing e may cause problems when Tumblr makes changes to their interface and Missing e has not yet been updated to deal with the changes. I usually work very quickly to restore compatibility in these cases.

    It is very unlikely that Missing e will cause any data loss. This is especially true of existing posts. Without your interaction, Missing e will not delete anything!

    As for privacy, Missing e does not obtain, use or store your email address, password, IP address, search queries or contents of any of your existing posts.

    Missing e implements only a small amount of what Tumblr calls page scraping. It is not done regularly, nor is it excessive. The removed features Follow Checker and Unfollower used page scraping a lot more and were taken out of Missing e quite some time ago for this very reason.

    All users are encouraged to examine Missing e’s source code to confirm all of the claims I have made!

    If you choose to continue using Missing e and want to continue receiving support, you should follow these guidelines:

    • If you experience problems with Tumblr, deactivate Missing e in your browser’s extensions list (you can get to this list using the first part of the Missing e uninstall instructions and turning off “Enable” or clicking on the “Disable” button, depending on your browser). If the problem remains, it is most likely not a Missing e issue.

    • Before contacting Tumblr support, deactivate Missing e. Regardless of whether or not you acknowledged that using Missing e means Tumblr will not provide you with support, if you have it deactivated or uninstalled, it is not running! You will be accurately presenting your issue to Tumblr support in informing them that you are not currently using Missing e.

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