I have a good friend, J, who is finally leaving her husband after years of mental and emotional abuse and manipulation. Her friends and family are fully on board with this, luckily for her, but her ex, B, is not.

She’s tired, scared, and needs to get away from him. B, the ex-husband, has broken into her house, stolen numbers from her phone, and called them to threaten people. He’s best described as a loose cannon with a hair trigger, and he’s already successfully wormed his way back into J’s head before with emotional manipulation; they’ve been together for seven years already. We (her friends) want to help her get free at last.

J is worried for her own safety. She and her son (age 4) are moving to an undisclosed location, but they need money to get plane tickets, hotel rooms, and to pay for food and other necessities in the monetary struggles ahead while the legal proceedings unfold. Some funds will also be necessary to go through the divorce process, since he isn’t being fully cooperative with it.

I know it’s a tall order and you might not be in a position to contribute right now, but we’ve set a fundraising goal of $1,000. The more we raise, the more chance we have of keeping J and her son safe from B. Even a couple of dollars will help us reach this goal.

Click here to contribute via Paypal!

If you can’t afford to contribute financially, if you can reblog this post and signal boost, I will be so thankful. Donations are being gathered by a good friend of hers, since she has unreliable internet access at the moment.

If there’s enough interest, I’d love to set up a fundraiser with art/fanfic/etc auctions and that sort of thing.

Please help J out. We love her and we want to keep her safe. If you have any questions, suggestions, or information that could help, feel free to askbox message me.