1. Someone in the Glee Spoilers tag just suggested Chris Colfer sing this.

    I may need a moment alone.

  2. alenaefr:

he looks fabulous, doesn’t he?
it’s like a thousand of little fairies made the nest in his hair.


    he looks fabulous, doesn’t he?

    it’s like a thousand of little fairies made the nest in his hair.

  3. Chris Colfer On Harry Potter

    It’s cliché, but honestly, the book/series that had the most profound effect on me was Harry Potter. I feel like I grew up with those characters (I was the same age as Harry, Ron, and Hermione as I read them). They were really who and what I needed during those times, who and what we ALL needed. Some of my happiest memories are going to those mid-night release parties. In many ways I think JK Rowling gave our generation a childhood.

  4. lettersfromtitan:

    Incredibly unofficial The Land of Stories Giveaway!


    1. Likes and reblogs both count.  You can do one of each and be entered twice, but repeated reblogs won’t give you more entries.

    2. You do not need to be following me, but hey, check out the content and stick around if you like.  I’m a self-promotional creature and am pretty upfront about that.  Hi!

    3. What you get: The one winner will get the Advanced Reader Copy of The Land of Stories given out at the BEA breakfast.  This includes the slip case and the mass-produced “note” from Colfer. You also get one of the tote bags that came with it!  I will pay shipping anywhere in the world.

    4. Timing: All likes/reblogs must occur before 9pm EST on June 25.  Then (meaning probably the next day) I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner, and let you know.  I’ll ship within the next 48 hours, and you’ll get to read the book before the general public release in mid-July.

    5. There must be a way for me to contact you, so your Ask must be open.  If the winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, I’ll choose the next person.

  5. fishingboatproceeds:

    So I met Chris Colfer. He is so awesome.

  6. Every time I decide it isn’t humanly possible for CC to be more adorable, I see something like this.

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