1. archiemcphee:

    Meet Sarah Kaufmann, aka Sarah the Cheese Lady, who is one of only three people in the United States who make their living carving cheese.

    According to the salt (NPR’s food blog):

    Michelangelo used marble. Sarah Kaufmann uses cheese.

    What drew this sculptor to her material? A strong affinity for tangy cheddar or the fact that she hails from the proudest cheese state in the nation, Wisconsin?

    No, as Kaufmann tells The Salt, “The cheese found me.”

    What’s more, she says, “it’s much more delightful than working with wood or stone. You can snack while you work.”

    Last week, Kaufmann practiced her craft inside a grocery store in Arlington, Va. The sculpture, commissioned for Veterans Day and the Wounded Warrior Project, depicts a soldier carrying an injured comrade over his shoulders.

    [via Neatorama]

    This post is sorely lacking in Big Block Of Cheese Day references.

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