1. Duran Duran click and drag game!

    Well, Nick and I have a tumultuous history here, as he came up as best friend, lover, ex, AND enemy.  Andy was my first kiss (srsly? The one member of the band I NEVER found attractive?) and Simon fancies me.


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    Why do I get John every time?!?
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    che relazione hai con i duran duran?
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    best friend - roger (yay) lover - andy (noooooo) enemy - simon (noo) first kiss - nick fancies you - andy (makes sense...
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    bf:John John John Firt Kiss:John Fancies You:John ex Bf:John
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    Best Friend: Andy John Roger First Kiss: John Fancies you: Roger Your Ex BF - John
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    best friend: Nick John Roger first kiss: Nick John your ex bf: Simon
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    Best Friend: Andy Nick Nick (lol wut) First Kiss: Roger Fancies you: Nick (you’re obsessed bro) Your Ex BF: Simon
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    Best Friend: Simon (perfect) Roger (YES!) Nick (?) First Kiss: Andy (I bet we were both drunk) Fancies You: Nick...
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    Lover / First Kiss : Simon Le Bon Best Friend: Nick Rhodes My Ex - BF: Roger Taylor Fancies Me: John Taylor My Enemy:...
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    I hate to be that 13 year old girl who reblogs this BUT Best friend: Andy (wa-hey) Nick (I guess it was meant to be…)...
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    best friend: Simon lover: John (AWWW YEEE) enemy: Nick (FUCK) first kiss: John fancies you: Nick (tsundere are we bb?)...
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    Nick for all of them!

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