1. gothiccharmschool:


    PAGING AUNTIE JILLI! I repeat gothiccharmschool take a look at this!



    I found the ankh from The Hunger. (No, I don’t need a tiny dagger but the Fairy Gothmother does.)

    That’s the Ankh of the Dead from Alchemy Gothic, and yes, I have one. :)

    It’s not an exact replica of the ankh from The Hunger, but it’s the closest thing anyone can find these days. I know someone who used to make sterling silver reproductions, but he’s not answering his email or FB messages at the moment, drat him.

  2. astrosinger:



    You don’t really understand Star Trek until you’ve seen Galaxy Quest.


  3. dennys:

    diner poetry with michael

    There is no end to my adoration of the Denny’s social media team.

  4. spaceslut:

the greatest horse in all of animation history


    the greatest horse in all of animation history

  5. nopantsrevolution:



    please dont make disney characters have tattoos and piercings and blackhair and stretchers





  6. redskiesfire:

"Excuse me. Do you have a moment to hear about the All Father, Odhinn?"

reblogging for myrkrida because Reasons.


    "Excuse me. Do you have a moment to hear about the All Father, Odhinn?"

    reblogging for myrkrida because Reasons.

  7. sailorzero:

    please take an anthem to misandry

  8. hipsterbrigadier:

    People thinking they know how the Doctor should act just based on how nine and ten act


  9. Sept. 29


    Hello fellow Glitchens! Two exciting pieces of news: 

    1) Both Kukubee and I are planning on shipping the Soundtrack and Book so that they will be arriving in time to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Glitch closing down (early December)! There have been delays in the mastering process so it puts me on a fairly relaxed and realistic schedule to consolidate all of the perks and organized shipping.

    2) I am planning on going ahead with a release party and live performance of the music in Toronto for all of you that can make it. We will also be doing our best to make a live stream available for the rest of you! I’m hoping some of you will use it as an opportunity to gather in other cities.I was thinking the anniversary of Glitch closing down would be the perfect time, but I’ve been told more than once that December is a terrible time to be planning events. I’m aiming for the weekend of January 24/25. 

    Now, some housekeeping: 

    Please review the feats poster, and make sure we spelled your name properly etc. Let us know of any mistakes at glitchsoundtrack@gmail.com by Oct 14 (two weeks). 

    Note: We weren’t able to accommodate people who wanted more than one name on the poster due to space restrictions. We tried but it just made everything look suuper crappy! Where both real and avatar names were requested, we defaulted to your avatar name. If you prefer your real name in these cases, let us know — but just pick one! If your requested name is too long we’ll have to bump down the font size and it will be illegible. Ok!

    [Click for Large Version]


    The next update we will double checking with you all on Tshirt sizes and confirming shipping addresses. I should also have the actual date of the Glitch Soundtrack release party!

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